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The book is finished . Its on Amazon and eBay:



I have had some lovely feedback already which is great. 

Why this book?


In writing this book I hope to describe how I have found that walking with God can be about a real relationship. I am also passionate about revealing Jesus’ heart for his followers. I would like to share how I have discovered this, through my own experiences and encounters with God and His Son Jesus. 

Finding God's Heartbeat................Running with Jesus

My first book is currently underway. I am 7,840 words into it. I am planning to self-publish on Amazon and hoping it might be ready in September/October.

In this book I hope to describe the ways I have found that are helpful to encounter God. I also hope to capture something of Jesus’ heart for his followers and how He can change our lives if we will let him.

 I was a Registered Nurse for 17 years including 13 in Practice Nursing. I must have checked thousands of pulses. Sometimes it can be easy to locate a pulse in the most obvious place on a person’s wrist. At other times a variety of factors can make this difficult and I would have to press deeper or move around and try other locations to find a pulse. Finding God’s heartbeat can be quite similar to this so process in so many ways............

The Chapters in the book are as follows:

1.Finding God's heartbeat in Creation and in my Family. 2. Liberty to the Captives. 3. Running with Jesus. 4. A Daniel Fast. 5. God's word changes our minds. 6. Hearing God's heartbeat. 7. Hindrances to hearing God's heartbeat. Conclusion- What does God's heartbeat sound/feel like, What about when it's difficult to hear?

Here is an excerpt:

   ...An encounter with Jesus sets the captive free. I watched a wonderful film called The Perfect Gift. In it the character of Jesus is captured wonderfully by the actor. It tells the story of a modern day town in America that is trying to take Christ out of Christmas.  At one point in the story Jess (the Jesus character) encounters a man at gunpoint. This man is desperate for food to feed his family and for his little girl who is ill. Jess looks at the man with such compassion in his eyes that the man begins to lower the gun he was holding. Then Jess calmly says “Go...... your daughter’s well.”  He speaks with such compassion, love, authority and from a place of peace. You can tell from the scene that Jesus’ eyes have pierced the man’s soul. That encounter shows a captive being freed. In that one look from Jess the audience can see that Jesus knew the man inside and out and could speak straight into his heart with love that transforms.    


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